L.A. DIARIES with Lary
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Lary. Singer. Berlin. 



Lary's dream destination is the moon. Her favorite guilty pleasure is that she loves each and every one of them. Asked about her favorite swear word, Lary likes to keep her variety and if she could make a living out of anything at all, smiling sounds fantastic to her.

Sound a bit odd? Well, Lary is one of a kind. Kind-hearted that is, with a lot of depth. And humor. Add a little bit of chaos, and you've got Lary. And this blend is fascinating. "I believe this young lady has what it takes to make it big." predicted German Hip-Hop-Funk-Soul-Reggae-legend Jan Delay when Lary published her live version of "Bedtime Blues" in 2012. The prediction has been proven prophecy for Lary from Germany's Western Ruhr area, who's made Berlin her home base for 8 years.

For the release of her second album ‘Hart Fragil’, we accompany the German born singer through Los Angeles - A ride that takes us from the hilly roads of Silverlake to the heart of Chinatown. When the alleys turn golden and the last rays of sunshine sink past the horizon we return to the cities Eastside to catch the last light from the windy roads of Los Feliz.



Words and Creative Direction: Nike Martens

English copy editor: Lili Bordan 

Photography: Kyra Sophie




"If I could make a living out of anything at all, smiling sounds fantastic to me."